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blini salmon egg

Blini Recipe with Salmon Eggs (Russian Pancakes)

Welcome back! Today I would like to share with you a really nice and simply recipe about blini with salmon eggs. This is a perfect recipe to prepare when you are organising a party at home with some friends. Usually everybody will like the taste of pancake. And the good thing about blini is that […]

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snorkling kauai fish 3

The Top Snorkeling in Hawaii

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I would like to introduce you another interesting topic: snorkeling in Hawaii. When we planned our trip to Hawaii we wanted to experience this activity, we had done snorkeling in Seychelles the previous year and it was amazing so we wanted retry this amazing experience. We found […]

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Best Dumplings Recipe in the world

Since I was a little, I grew up with my grandma’s handmade Dumplings for all of my life. (Even the skin is handmade!) I am dumplings addicted and I tried so many good dumplings in China but still my grandma’s dumplings are the best and the most healthiest. She was raised in China at her young […]

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kiss monk seal

Where to see Hawaiian Monk Seals in Hawaii

We just came back from a long beautiful trip to Hawaii and San Francisco. It was an unforgettable time and we would like to share with you many tips to enjoy this paradise. Today we would like to share one of the many tips: Which beach to see wild Hawaiian Monk Seals in Hawaii. This is […]

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Top Best Beaches in Oahu Hawaii

Aloha everyone ! Since you are interested in the beautiful beaches in Hawaii, we have selected the list of the best beaches that we visited in Oahu, Hawaii this October for you. Here is the list of the ones we preferred and that you must visit. Our taste was to find beautiful paradise beaches with small amount of people. […]

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Aloha from Hawaii!

Visiting Hawaii We are visiting Oahu, Maui and Kauai now since some weeks! We are enjoying our stay in some of the comfortable resort hotels on these Hawaii islands. This year we already spent 1/3 of the year living the hotel life and we are slowly starting to miss our home, sweet home! 🙂 During […]

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