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Hi, I’m Anna! Welcome to Health Lifestyler!

Former consultant, PR, business development, marketing, CSR and Communication expert, turned blogger. I started blogging & SNS as a way to stay in touch with far away friends since I recently moved from Japan to Switzerland. I was also living in Europe, China and the United States in the past. So my blog is focusing on healthy lifestyle and on exploring my interests featuring: traveling, culture, eating tasty food, healthy recipes, mental health, positive open mind, fitness, beauty, education, technology, culture & people, wellness and much more. Basically I adore everything related to wellbeing (of course not only 100% healthy food, but check my blog for detail about some diet rules!) I like to share all this with people who are also interested in!

My goal is not only to use the blog as a platform to connect with people and societies from around the world but also to inspire people to share happiness and motivation, improve for a better life and make a peaceful world. At least we learn together. I like designing a life full of happiness, contentment and peace, while making space for the people and activities that bring me joy.

I simply very much enjoy chatting with people, reading, spending quality family time & relaxing in the nature. (I love in particular beaches and tropical islands because warm sunshine makes me extremely happy!) See you on my blog!