Top Best Beaches in Oahu Hawaii

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Since you are interested in the beautiful beaches in Hawaii, we have selected the list of the best beaches that we visited in Oahu, Hawaii this October for you. Here is the list of the ones we preferred and that you must visit. Our taste was to find beautiful paradise beaches with small amount of people.

1. Kailua Beach Park

This is the most beautiful beach we have seen in Hawaii. This beach has the typical look of a paradise island beach. The beach is super long and there is plenty of space between you and the next persons. Finally this is a great beach to visit with your family and kids as the waves aren’t usually strong.

  • How to reach it from Waikiki:
    • by car (40min, free parkings)
    • by bus (1h20, ask the daily transportation pass to the bus driver for 5$ – pay attention they don’t give back change!!!)
  • Crowd: uncrowded (1 person every 10-20 meters)
  • Beauty: paradise look
  • Waves: small waves
  • Kids-friendly: yes

2. Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

This beach is similar to Kailua Beach Park. It looks even more as a desert island as there are quite no people there. The water is clear and the sand is beautiful. I just found the beach less cleaner than Kailua (there where some garbage on the beach brought by the waves).

  • How to reach it from Waikiki:
    • by car (40min, free parkings)
    • by bus (1h20)
  • Crowd: uncrowded (1 person every 20-30 meters)
  • Beauty: paradise look (less than Kailua)
  • Waves: small waves
  • Kids-friendly: yes

3. Waikiki Beach

This is the famous beach located on the shore in-front of all the nice hotels in Waikiki. It is definitively a beach that you have to visit when staying in the Waikiki area. The beach has different parts. Some are good for swimming and other are nicer for surfing and boogie-boarding. So you can easily find the spot adapted to you. Just walk along the shore and check what people do in the water. And after a nice swim you can easily find a restaurant next to the beach. The main downside of this beach is that it is crowded.

  • How to reach it from Waikiki: by walk (1-5min)
  • Crowd: crowded (1 person every 2-3 meters)
  • Beauty: nice but not a paradise look
  • Waves: small to medium waves
  • Kids-friendly: yes (depending where you are)

4. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

If you have time you should check out also this beach. Pay attention, it is closed every Tuesday and thats what happened to us.

Hope it helps you to enjoy more Hawaii and we will share you more Top Best Beaches in other islands in Hawaii!


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